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3M Window Film

Is it a struggle keeping the temperature in your room from being too hot or cold? Are you looking for added privacy for a favorite room in your home, an office window or shower door? Do you want a sense of safety in knowing the patio door looking out on the golf course is a little more reinforced without losing your view? Or, do you want to protect your leather furniture, carpets and hardwood floors from fading? If you are looking for a fix for any of these issues, installing 3M Window Film is the perfect solution.

What is a 3M Prestige Dealer?

A 3M Prestige Dealer is selected for an area by 3M based on their high-quality work, extensive product knowledge, years of experience installing and exceptional customer service. At Meridian Window Tint, we are Southwest Idaho’s 3M Prestige Dealer. We serve both commercial and residential clients across the Treasure Valley and neighboring communities and can provide you with effective solutions for your flat glass whether it be for safety, privacy, decoration, energy efficiency, commercial or residential.

3M with Meridian Window Tint

Why 3M is The Best

3M is the original inventor of window film and began designing such products in 1966. Today, they are an internationally successful brand that’s known for superior quality through all of their product lines. When it comes to window film, 3M’s Prestige Series is especially popular, because of the visual clarity, the amount of natural light it lets in and the enhanced protection and comfort it offers.

What Are the Key Benefits of 3M Window Tint?

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most prevalent benefits that come with 3M window tints is that they can reduce your energy bills by almost 30%. Saving you money throughout the year, it maintains a comfortable temperature in your home or office without you having to touch the thermostat.

UV Protection Technology

One of the main light related issues business and homeowners face is the amount of sun that comes into their property. With 3M window tint, this issue is easily addressed. 3M window film can help reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays (which are one of the main causes of fading on your furniture) and protect your family.

Glare Reduction

Alongside fade reduction, each 3M window film boasts glare reduction which will help to improve both computer screen and television viewing.

Doesn’t Hinder Your View

One of the frequently asked questions we address regarding window film is a concern that it might hinder the views from inside looking outside. With 3M’s reflectivity technology, you don’t have to worry. Corrosion-resistant, every 3M product is designed with your aesthetic vision in mind. Depending on the film you choose, it can be visually impossible to tell the film was ever installed.

Each Product Comes with a Warranty

Each of our 3M window film installations is backed by a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty for residential and anywhere from 2-15 years for commercial. Typically covering defects that occur (such as bubbling or blistering), each of the warranties will give you the peace of mind that you need.

The Benefits of Working with Meridian Window Tint

Since Meridian Window Tint is a 3M Prestige Dealer, you can expect high-quality work with exceptional customer service. You can also expect that we will have access to a more extensive range of 3M products. For example, Thinsulate and Prestige Series (which are considered the top-tiered products offered by 3M) are only available to window film installers that are within the Prestige Dealer Network.

Each of our installers has undergone extensive training and we are screened and approved by Home Advisor. We are also members of the International Window Film Association and highly rated on Google.

We specialize in installing window tinting in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle and the surrounding Idaho areas. Call us today or submit our contact form for a free consultation.

You can feel safe knowing our team of window film installers are fully trained, insured and bonded.


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