How to Measure Windows

Measuring Windows for Window Film

At Meridian Window Tint, it’s easy to get a quote for window film. We can schedule an on-site estimate, or if you would like to get an idea of a price range for your project based on some of our more popular window films, we can do that too. All we need is a little help from you!

Steps for Measuring Your Glass Windows

Follow these steps to document your window measurements:

  1. Measure only the window's glass area, not the entire window frame or window opening. Glass area only.
  2. Measure the glass width from left to right in inches to the nearest half-inch.
  3. Measure the glass height from bottom to top in inches to the nearest half-inch.
  4. Write down the measurements.
  5. Repeat for each additional window.

NOTE: If you have odd-shaped windows such as half-moon or triangular glass, measure the width and height at the widest portions of the glass.

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