Turf Shield Window Film

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What is Turf Shield Used For?

Did you know that window film can protect your property not only inside of your home, but outside of it as well? When the light and heat from the sun reflects off windows onto surfaces around your home, such as natural grass, artificial turf, vinyl fencing and vinyl siding, they can get severely damaged and even melt. When this happens, you are faced with a costly repair or replacement bill. Installing Turf Shield Window Film onto your windows can help you prevent this damage and avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

How is Turf Shield Installed?

Turf Shield, unlike other types of window film, is applied externally to the glass on your windows. The temperature of the glass should be cool to the touch, so in hot weather the film should be applied early in the morning to avoid stretching during installation. The film is perforated, so no air is trapped when installing.

The film blends nicely with the exterior for your home when installed to glass. From the inside, depending on the product selected, your view looking out will not be impeded. It will have the appearance of a tinted window or a window with a somewhat opaque view.

What are Turf Shield Options?

Turf Shield Window Film comes in three different options:

Clear Screen Exterior
This film is clear on both sides. Clear Film makes your view a little blurry from inside. This film is a good solution for windows you don’t look through often or when your HOA regulates the look of your windows.
A graphic showcasing Turf Shield Clear window film
White Screen Exterior
White Film is white on the outside and black on the inside. This film offers great privacy during daytime and provides a clearer view compared to Clear Film because our eyes can see through the liner and focus on visible light only. White Film is the best option for solar control.
A graphic showcasing Turf Shield White window film
Black Screen Exterior
Black on both sides, Black Film offers the best visibility without a blurry look. It also has excellent solar control helping to reduce harsh sunlight. All the Turf Shield options allow natural light in, still giving your room interior an open feel.
A graphic showcasing Turf Shield Black window film

How Can You Get Turf Shield?

If you feel Turf Shield Window Film is right for you, here are three ways you can get it for your property:

  1. For the do-it-yourself property owner, Turf Shield Window film can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. You can even install it yourself with their support and how-to instructions found on their website.
  2. You can order Turf Shield Window Film from the manufacturer and Meridian Window Tint will install it for you for an installation fee (work order minimum $100).
  3. Meridian Window Tint will purchase and install a Turf Shield Window Film product of your choosing for a set project price (work order minimum $300).

Meridian Window Tint does professional Turf Shield installation in the Treasure Valley, including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle and Kuna areas. Besides Turf Shield Window Film, Meridian Window Tint installs other kinds of residential window film.

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