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Are you researching installing window film for your home or business? If so, we’ve rounded up our clients' questions most frequently asked to help answer questions you might also have.

How is 3M™ Window Film applied?

Applying 3M™ film is a technical process that requires a certified 3M™ dealer.

Working in property's interior, the first stage in the process is to prepare the window to receive the film. The specialist clears the area around the window, removing any window coverings such as curtains or blinds. They then clean the window using a unique cleaning solution and razor blade scrapers.

The window film installer's goal is to remove as much dirt, dust, particles, and debris as possible from the glass surface and surrounding frame to get a clean installation.

Once the window is prepped, they prepare the film by spraying it with a solution that allows them to adjust it to the proper position. They then apply the film to the window and use a squeegee and other specialty tools to ensure no air bubbles. The film is then cut to the glass pane's size with a trim card and razor blade.

Once installed, how long does 3M™ Window Film take to dry?

3M™ Window Film takes up to thirty days to dry and bond to the glass. During the drying process, you may notice some haziness or the appearance of tiny water bubbles. This is called water distortion. The presence of these features is entirely normal and to be expected during the curing process. Some people in certain climates can find that drying takes up to 45 days.

How long does 3M™ Window Film last?

3M™ Window Film is designed to last for many years. The actual length of time that yours lasts depends on the window's circumstances and how you care for window film after it has been installed. The local climate, the type of glass to which it’s applied, and whether the window faces the sun or not can all make a difference. 3M™ Window Film typically lasts much longer than the warranty period.

Will the Ultraviolet protection on my window film lose its effectiveness?

No UV protection is perfect, but 3M™ Window Film is just about as good as it gets. Tests indicate that total UV penetration is less than 1 percent on ten-year-old installations, making it one of the most potent ways to protect you, your family, your customers, and your property from harmful UV rays.

What benefits do commercial customers have when installing 3M™ Window Film?

3M™ Window Film offers businesses a host of benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lower A/C costs in the long-run
  • Longer life of existing A/C equipment
  • Lower utility costs
  • Lower heating and cooling expenses
  • Better comfort for customers and colleagues
  • Reduced glare
  • Improved skin protection
  • Less degradation / fading of furnishings / flooring from UV damage

What can I expect for energy payback on 3M™ Sun Control Window Films?

The amount of energy payback that you get on 3M™ Window Film depends on a range of factors. These include the orientation of your windows, the type of energy costs you face, the number of windows in your environment, the size of those windows, the kind of film you use, and the glass in your windows.

However, practically every business or home that installs 3M™ Sun Control Window Films experiences payback over an acceptable time horizon. The majority of clients can expect total payback and profit between two and five years following installation. In the best cases, firms can see a return on their investment in as few as six months.

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