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What Are the Three Types of Window Film and Why Do Customers Love Them?

Many residential and commercial property owners have discovered the benefits of installing window film. Each of the three types of window films provides solutions to sunlight-related issues and has a range of benefits. These include:

  • Increased privacy
  • Improved safety and security
  • Better interior temperature control
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • More comfortable interior
  • Reduced glare and eye strain

What Are the Three Types of Window Films?

Neutral Window Film Meridian

Neutral Window Film

If your home has an abundance of shiny or reflective surfaces, a neutral residential window film can help. Neutral window film provides 99% UV protection from harmful sun rays while also reducing glare and softening shiny surfaces. Another benefit of neutral window film is that the film is not readily apparent when applied. You will still enjoy a fair amount of healthy sunshine with a softer glow.

Why Do People Love Neutral Window Film?

The most common reason for installing neutral film is to protect your home's wood furnishing, artwork, and upholstery from fading or sun damage. The result of damaging UV sunlight includes discoloration, fading, and the degradation of natural materials such as cotton and wool.

Dual-Reflective Window Film Meridian

Dual-Reflective Window Film

For the ultimate in residential privacy, choose dual-reflective window film. It creates a somewhat mirrored, glossy effect for anyone looking at your windows from the outside in the daytime. You'll still get to see what's outside since only the exterior side has a higher reflective surface. Expect a truly dramatic, unique look that can be very visually appealing when covering landscapes.

Why Do People Love Dual-Reflective Window Film?

Dual-reflective window film is offered in various shades and specifications that will allow from 15% to 35% of light infiltration. Whichever amount of privacy you choose, you still get excellent glare reduction. This film balances hot spots in your home that increase your energy costs or overburden your HVAC system. It also provides privacy during the day.

Spectrally Selective Window Film Meridian

Spectrally Selective Film

Spectrally selective window film is the ultimate in technology. It is precisely engineered to reject solar energy (a maximum amount of infrared and UV solar wavelengths) while being virtually invisible and allowing the maximum amount of visible light. There is no noticeable film shading or reflectivity, so you maintain an unobstructed view of your landscape while also reducing glare and solar heating.

Why People Love Spectrally Selective Window Film

As an engineered material, spectrally selective films have a wide range of specifications to choose from when buying. These include the levels of heat rejection, the amount of film tint, and the range of Visual Light Transmission (VLT).

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