Stories About Window Tinting, Decorative, and Security Film

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Once you have decided that you want to get windows tinted in either your commercial office or home, it is important to take time to educate yourself on the IWFA’s Visual Quality Standard for Applied Film.
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Whether you own a home or manage a commercial building, windows and energy efficiency are essential topics to consider. Unobstructed windows allow light to enter buildings creating a warmer environment. Natural light can even cut energy costs, except if the windows are causing unnecessary heat.
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Protecting your family & home is your #1 priority & you'll do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. If you're considering installing window security film, it's important that you first understand what it can and cannot do to protect you. Read more to learn about the myths about security film!
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Professionally installed window films can have some amazing benefits, including improving energy efficiency, protecting furniture and flooring from fading, and minimizing glare. We’ve since noted a few more popular questions for our previous FAQ that we plan to answer in this follow-up post.
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