Commercial Privacy Window Film

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Commercial Privacy Window Film

Glass is a critical part of facades and partitions outside and inside commercial and residential buildings. Unfortunately, while glass offers a classy appearance, it presents glare, privacy, heat, UV, and reflection issues. However, these issues can be solved through the installation of commercial privacy window film to your glass facades and partitions in your office and home.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Privacy Window Film?

Reduced Glare

Natural light is a vital part of lighting during the day. However, direct sun rays inside your home or office can cause glare, which affects your vision and makes it extremely challenging to work without lowering blinds or drawing curtains. Installing window film can reduce glare without completely blocking natural light.

Added Privacy

If you have a building next to a walkway or a home with glass walls, you can use tinted, frosted, or mirror films to enhance privacy by blocking the view inside. Window films provide privacy without compromising on lighting.

Heat Rejection

Direct sun rays increase temperatures inside buildings through solar heat gain, making it impossible to work, relax, or sleep - especially when it is hot outside. 3M Prestige window film rejects infrared heat from the sun, balancing the temperature by protecting your home from heat fluctuations. With lower heat fluctuations, your office and home can make significant energy savings, and remain cool throughout the day.

UV Protection

UV rays are harmful to the skin and are responsible for several skin conditions, including cancer. With proper window film, you can reduce exposure to UV rays from direct sunlight seeping through your windows. You can also reduce the fading on the furniture in your home and office, often caused by exposure to UV rays.

Enhanced Appearance

With 3M Prestige window film by Meridian Window Tint, you can improve the appearance of buildings, office partitions, and your home. Dark tints look excellent on glass façades and are great decorative features in elegant homes and offices.

Low Reflection

Unlike traditional films that reflect light and affect your view, 3M Prestige window film has low reflectivity, which improves the clarity of your view from inside—no need to worry about not seeing people outside your building, office or home.

Commercial Window Film in Boise, Idaho

When it comes to window films, selecting an authorized dealer is the first step in getting value from your money. Meridian Window Tint is the only authorized 3M Prestige window film dealer in Boise, Idaho and the greater Treasure Valley. You can count on Meridian Window Tint to deliver quality window film products and artistry throughout the process. For more information or a free consultation, contact us today! Visit our page to learn more about window film pricing or how to measure your windows.


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Commercial Privacy
Commercial Privacy
Commercial Privacy
Commercial Privacy

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