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Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

You might be unsure of how to protect your furnishings and flooring without having to compromise the amount of natural light entering your rooms. Window film is arguably the best way to let in refreshing natural light rays without having to worry about damage to the investments you made in furnishings, flooring, and other property around your home.

You've likely spent thousands of dollars to achieve your desired home aesthetic through beautiful assets such as:

  • Lush carpeting
  • Wood floors
  • Desks
  • Beautiful furniture
  • Colorful rugs
  • and more

You deserve to see each piece maintain its expected lifespan and remain as beautiful with age. Consequently, being in the full glare of sunlight is a surefire way for your furnishings to fade before their time. Installing a UV protective window film is an excellent way to provide them protection.

What Causes Furniture to Fade?

It is hard to imagine that sunlight could bleach the color of your priceless furnishings, but it can. While you might enjoy the rays of the sun once in a while, it is entirely healthy and advisable to let in light into your rooms, but how much you let in will determine whether your assets remain as beautiful as you would want them to be. Be wary of the following components of sunlight:

Ultraviolet Rays

Accounting for 40% of your asset's fading, UV rays can be unhealthy to your household.

Visible Sunlight

While making your rooms look aesthetically pleasing, visible light accounts for 25% of your assest's fading.

Solar Heat

Another 25% of your furnishing and flooring fading is attributed to solar heat.


The remaining 10% of fading is attributed to miscellaneous factors and natural conditions.

Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

How Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

Window films are among the best means to take care of unwanted furnishing and flooring fading. You might employ other means such as the use of thicker glass panes or even dual pane windows which are common throughout the country, but if you want to protect your assets while restricting the amount of light in your rooms, window films are the ideal way. They work in the following ways:

  • Window films filter out up to 90% or more of the harmful ultraviolet rays that are mostly responsible for most of your asset's fading.
  • Window films reduce the effects of destructive solar heat on your interior finishes and other assets.

Hire a Professional Window Tinting Company in Idaho

3M window films can protect your furnishings and flooring and provide you the best value for your money. At Meridian Window Tint, we offer the best and most affordable commercial or residential window films available. You can read what some of our other customers are saying about us on our Testimonials page.

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