How Much Does Residential and Business Window Film Cost?

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How Much Does Residential and Business Window Film Cost?

For many customers of Meridian Window Tint, purchasing window film for their home or business is a new experience and most do not know what to expect in terms of how much window film costs. We hope the following information will be helpful in determining how much you can expect to pay for professional window film installation from Meridian Window Tint.

Types of Window Films Meridian Window Tint Offers?

Meridian Window Tint offers a wide variety of 3M window films to meet just about any need (security window film, privacy window film, decorative window film). In fact, 3M has over 65 different window films in their portfolio. The most popular window films we sell are the 3M sun control window film, or window tint, as they are commonly referred to. We’ve found that there are four specific 3M films customers are most interested in: Prestige, Night Vision, Neutral, and Affinity.

What Determines the Cost of Window Film?

Overall, the total square footage of glass you wish to have window film installed to will determine the cost of your window film project. The type of film you choose to have installed along with the shape of the window and type of window can influence the cost of your project as well. Some other factors include ease of access to the glass and the current condition of the window.

Prices You Can Expect to Pay for Common Windows

In our work with many customers throughout the Boise area, these are the common types of windows and configurations we have encountered along with price ranges for window film installation we have seen:

Single Hung Window

A single hung window is usually thought of as a “standard window” in most homes. This is usually two panes of glass where you can open the bottom pane to let in fresh air.

A single hung window with a 3M window film applied will usually cost anywhere from $129 - $229.

Meridian Window Tint Single Hung Window Pricing
Meridian Window Tint Two Single Hung Window Pricing

Two Single Hung and a Picture Window

This window configuration is usually a large pane of glass with a single hung window to the left and right. This window configuration is usually found in living rooms, front rooms, or dining areas of most homes.

Expect to pay anywhere from $269 to $639 to have a 3M window film installed to this glass set.

Slider Window

A slider window is similar to a single hung window. It has two glass panes and you either slide one of the panes to the left or right to let fresh air in.

The price for a slider window with a 3M window film installed ranges from $129 to $249.

Meridian Window Tint Slider Window Pricing
Meridian Window Tint Sliding Glass Door Pricing

Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door is what you usually see leading out to a patio or back yard. Mostly consisting of 2 large glass panes, prices for a 3M window film applied is anywhere from $269 to $629.

Note: Higher end homes tend to have multiple sliding glass doors that are wider and larger. Expect to see a 20-30% increase in price over standard sliding glass doors.

Patio Doors

Also known as French Doors, these consist of two doors that lead out to a patio or deck and usually have a tall, narrow pane of glass on each door.

For this you can pay anywhere from $159 to $379 for these doors to have a 3M window film installed.

Meridian Window Tint Patio Doors Pricing

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