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Our Best-Selling 3M Window Films

One of the things homeowners love most about their properties is the natural light from their windows. The sun-drenched nooks and cheerfully bright kitchens are often favorite rooms. Yet, this very pleasure can cause unanticipated problems from rising energy costs to glare and even fading on furniture or floors. Professionally installed window tint or film is the perfect solution.

You can't go wrong when choosing services from a 3M Prestige Dealer like Meridian Window Tint. We expertly assess your needs and install the window tint best suited for your home or business. Below, we discuss our popular, best-selling 3M window films that will save you money as well as beautify your spaces.

3M Prestige Series Window Film

The sunlight streaming through your windows can cause unwanted glare or uncomfortable, excessive heat. This increases energy costs while exposing your family and home to damaging ultraviolet rays. 3M's Prestige Window Films are designed to maximize the amount of natural light entering a room as it minimizes the heat. Here are a few of its benefits.

Why Customers Love Prestige Series:

Blocks UV Rays

Protect your furniture from unsightly fading caused by UV rays.

Saves Energy

Virtually transparent films reject up to 97% of infrared heat for significant energy savings.

Low Reflectivity

Enjoy the view from your windows without compromising outdoor aesthetic appeal from the inside.

3M Night Vision Series Window Film

3M's Night Vision Window Film remains one of the most popular choices for those who want quality window protection without excessive costs. This window film maximizes sun control capabilities through advanced technology while controlling reflectivity in your home's interior. The color-stable film offers numerous features for the ultimate in comfort.

Why Customers Love Night Vision Series:

Aggressive Glare Reduction

Relax and work in a sunlit room without the annoying glare or eyestrain.

Enhanced Privacy

Higher exterior reflectivity provides more privacy, low interior reflectivity provides a clearer view looking out.

Levels of Protection

3M lets you choose from three levels of shading to fit your needs.

3M Neutral Series Window Film

A favorite in commercial settings, 3M's Sun Control Window Film Neutral Series provides overall sun protection without breaking the bank. There is no need to install blinds or solar shades to windows once the film is installed. 3M's safety and security film also gives business and property owners peace of mind by adding extra protection in glass breakage or break-ins, but here are some other benefits of the Neutral Series:

Good Heat Rejection

Keep the room cool and comfortable while you save energy.

Good Visual Appearance

Choose a Neutral film with the right amount of reflectivity to allow for good visual clarity.

Choose the Perfect Shade

Select from many shading options for the right level of protection.

3M Affinity Series Window Film

3M's Affinity reflective films are all about saving energy at a low cost. The film significantly improves energy performance without compromising the aesthetic quality of your windows. Get a quick return on your investment by taking advantage of its silver reflective films, which reject up to 79% of all solar energy. It provides the ultimate in comfort and cool.

Why Customers Love Affinity Series:

Prevents Fading

The film blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays reducing furniture sun bleaching.

Enhances Daytime Privacy

Increased reflection provides more privacy during daytime hours.

Darker Tint

The film's darker tint reduces glare and eye discomfort.

Hire a Professional Window Tinting Company in Idaho

Meridian Window Tint is your comprehensive source of residential and commercial window tinting serving Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton, Kuna, and Garden City. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is happy to work with you to achieve the best results for your individual needs. Contact us for a free consultation and to discover the best window film solutions for your home or business.


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